• A Hollywood Romance

    An original screenplay

    Imagine, on your wedding day, discovering your fiancée is having an affair by seeing photographic evidence as world headline news. For Matt Riordan, international movie star, this becomes his reality. Desperate for refuge from the cameras and his humiliation he seeks sanctuary with an old friend working in a remote village of West Africa. But even here he finds love comes with betrayal.

    Inspired by, The Photograph Kills, a song by Russell Crowe and his band, TOFOG, The Photograph leads us from America to West Africa and England. A romantic drama with humour, it takes an altruistic and fanciful look at what happens when a celebrity has just had enough of fame. Set at the turn of the millennium, The Photograph is a heart-warming story of forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. The perfect fairy-tale.

    ‘This movie tugs at the heart. The story is unique, worth telling, well-intentioned and compelling. The main character is a real actor’s role, as he goes through a good arc as he learns to deal with his celebrity. The concept and story are good, the characters and dialogue excellent.’

    Chris Caldwell, Script Analyst, Los Angeles.

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